Amazing Animal Shelter Has Puppy Slumber Parties To Promote Adoption!

If you ever wanted to have a slumber party with a bunch of adorable, adoptable puppies, then you need to visit this animal shelter in Atlanta.

The LifeLine Animal Project began the doggy slumber party in order to help dogs find forever homes more frequently. This process helps prospective owners and the dogs get to know one another, as well as eliminate any negative stigma associated with the breed they’re slumbering with.

“It is much harder to get pit bulls adopted because of people’s preconceived notions,” said Karen Hirsch, the public relations director at LifeLine. “Pit bulls make great companion dogs — they are incredibly loyal, silly, and have the biggest smiles around.”

The approach that LifeLine Animal Project is taking to help improve the adoption process is the first of its kind, but hopefully won’t be the last.