Excited Ostrich Photobombs A Pig And The Result Is Frameworthy

Petting zoos are full of adorableness, and one Ostrich wasn’t shy about letting the world know just how cute he is.

Reddit user “Rach0s” was trying to take an innocent, yet funny, picture of her friend being stepped on by a pig, but instead, something else caught the camera lens.

A, clearly not camera shy, Ostrich popped up in front of the camera with a look of pure excitement and joy to finally be recognized for his strikingly good looks. It could be that he had enough of all the other animals getting all the attention, or he may have some hidden agenda to become a star, but either way, the Internet is happy to have this manic face going viral.

Check out the photo HERE and SHARE if you wish you were as excited about anything as this Ostrich is about a photo! 

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.34.12 PM