This Bug Inspired Restaurant Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Most people will try a new kind of food at least once, but would you have the same mindset if someone were serving you insects for dinner?

Chef Andy Holcroft opened Britain’s very own insect-only restaurant called Grub Kitchen. The restaurant is located in St. Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and features many different bug-based meals.

Holcroft has stated, “Grub Kitchen was inspired by the need to change our views on where our protein comes from, and the need to look at alternative protein sources, particularly insects. We are not saying not to eat meat, but eat meat less. We do not need meat with every meal, every day. This is putting a huge strain on our already oversubscribed agricultural industry.”


Entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, is something that Holcroft is passionate about. He explained, “I believe insects are great because not only are they very sustainable to produce, they also taste great – used in the right way of course! But they are a vastly untapped ingredient in the kitchen with new tastes and textures. Until now, that is!”

The insect-inspired restaurant has had a very positive response since the opening date, and patrons have said that as soon as you grasp that you are eating insects, they are actually delicious, exciting, and healthy.

Some menu favorites include the bug burger, onion, and spinach bug bhaji, toasted cumin mealworm hummus, and cricket chocolate and peanut butter cookies.

If you are interested in trying out some bug-centered cuisine, Grub Kitchen is the place for you!