This Futuristic Stroller Is Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed!


Any mom will tell you how much they dislike having to push a stroller everywhere they go, especially moms that enjoy going for a run every now and then. In the upcoming year, pushing a stroller will become a thing of the past, because a self-driving stroller is in production!

Smartbe, the market’s first intelligent stroller, uses a motion-tracking censor so it can follow you wherever you decide to go, giving you a hands-free strolling experience. It features an electric motor, wireless speakers, a bottle warmer, retractable canopies with temperature controls, directional turn signals, external and internal cameras, and an alarm system to prevent theft.

Along with its incredible accessories, the stroller has three modes to choose from: self-propelled mode, assist propelled mode, and manual mode, so you can choose just how you would like to utilize it.

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