This New Dessert Will Change How You Look At Croissants Forever

The croissant just got a deliciously sweet makeover.

New York City’s Union Fare is a restaurant, a bar, and now it is the home of frosting-filled croissants. Their specialty is the red velvet croissant, and it has people’s mouths watering from its cream cheese custard filling and red velvet glaze.

The red velvet croissant isn’t alone on the menu and is accompanied by a cookies ‘n’ cream stuffed croissant, a birthday cake stuffed croissant, and so much more your taste buds can hardly handle it.

Buying one of these treats won’t break your bank, either. They sell for $5 a piece, but make sure you wear expandable pants before you chow down!

Friends don't let friends Croissant alone…

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