Ultra Marathon Runner Is Reunited With The Stray Dog That Stole His Heart!

If it’s meant to be, it will find a way.

Dion Leonard of Scotland recently competed in the Desert Race Series in China where he met a stray dog named Gobi. The adorable little pup followed him for much of the race, and Leonard knew he had to adopt her. Sadly, Gobi went missing shortly after the race, which led Leonard back to China to find her.

Through the power of social media and determination, Leonard received the call of his life. “I received a phone call saying, ‘We haveĀ Gobi. We think it’s her. It looks like her in the posters, come around and have a look,'” Leonard recalled. “Thankfully, we went over and as soon as I walked into the lounge she came running across the room and into my arms.”

Gobi ran 77 miles alongside Leonard, and he hopes to have her home in Scotland by Christmas.