Watch This Curious Pet Fox Mistake Her Bed For Fluffy White Snow

The winter weather triggers some frosty fun in the snow. Wildlife and household pets especially love to get in on the season’s festivities by rolling around in fresh powder. But, one pet owner has found out that if you’re looking after a fox the winter fun might come into your house.

Juniper the fox is not your average four-legged pet. This curious canine has over 92,000 followers on Instagram where she is known as the “world’s happiest fox.” Recently, her followers caught a glimpse of one of her more embarrassingly cute moments.


It seems that with all the recent snowfall, Juniper has had some trouble distinguishing between white bed sheets and a blanket of snow. Her owner captured her trying to burrow into white sheets then jumping head first into them as if they were snow.

This adorable video may make you want to go out and get a fox of your own. However, Juniper’s owner has reached out to her followers warning them about how difficult owning a wild animal can be.