What This Man Finds In His Chip Bag Will Make You Swear Off Snacks

When you find something in your food that shouldn’t be there, it’s disturbing. But finding something in your food that you can’t even identify is alarming!

Richard Noon is a 33-year-old CRM manager at the University of Huddersfield in England who innocently went to cure his hunger with a bag of Burts Potato Chips. However, when he opened the bag he made a shocking discover: there was a hard, unidentifiable substance in it!

All who saw the mystery object were disgusted, but still gave their best guesses to identify what it could possibly be. Then, Burts reached out Noon via social media.

“We take food safety and quality very seriously and are sorry for any upset caused,” the Burts rep said. “The lump is likely a cluster of overcooked potato chips which have unfortunately slipped through our quality checks, as a direct result of this we will be increasing the frequency of checks made by our team of fryers so this does not happen again. We have been consulting with Mr. Noon since this issue came to light.”

Let’s hope we can get some answers soon!